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Since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Florence has been one of the capitals of drawing and paintings disciplines. Masterpieces of artists such as Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo are only the highlights of an incredibly rich visual arts tradition that still is very present and a constant inspiration all over the city.

The AEF Drawing and Painting Certificate Program prepares students for professional careers in art, focusing on bidimensional art Drawing/Painting Track. This practice-based course develops the student's ability to express ideas through painting and drawing and is supported by an integrated theory program.
This enables them to explore personal ideas, develop an artistic language and understand the cultural position of their work in relation to historical and contemporary painting starting from the European and the Italian styles and fundamentals. Florence and the Renaissance period are the ground for the exchange of ideas and for the independent thinking, arriving to consolidate sound intellectual and practical skills.

The course is taught by practicing painters and theorists in excellent spacious studios, within a lively art school community.
Internationally known visiting speakers enrich the curriculum. Students complete their studies by participating in the School of The Arts exhibitions and have the possibility to apply for an internship in renowned art galleries in Florence.

First Level: Foundation


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Critical Studies 3,0 2,0
Foundation 2D 4,5 3,0
Foundation Drawing 1 4,5 3,0
Studio Drawing I 4,5 3,0
Foundation MediaI 4,5 3,0
History of Drawing and Painting 4,5 3,0
Italian Language A1 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20



Course UnitECTSU.S.
Foundation 3D 4,5 3,0
History of Art and Design 4,5 3,0
Introduction to Painting 3,0 2,0
History of the Italian Art and Costume 4,5 3,0
History of the Renaissance Art 4,5 3,0
Painting Techniques I 4,5 3,0
Italian Language A2 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20

Second Level: Advancement


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Anatomical Study I 4,5 3,0
Drawing 4,5 3,0
History of Architecture 3,0 2,0
Painting Techniques II 4,5 3,0
Patrons, Artist and Identity in Florentine Renaissance Art 4,5 3,0
Studio Drawing II 4,5 3,0
Italian Language B1 3,0 2,0
Total 30 20



Course UnitECTSU.S.
Critical Thinking - Art 3,0 2,0
Introduction to Semiotics of the Arte 3,0 2,0
Theory of Perception 4,5 3,0
Advanced Drawing / Painting Seminar 6,0 4,0
Anatomical Study II 6,0 4,0
History of the Italian Landscape of the Arte 3,0 2,0
Italian Language B2 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20


Third Level: Completion


Course UnitECTSU.S.
Ideation and Process 3,0 2,0
Reading and Writing 3,0 2,0
Advanced Drawing Seminar II 4,5 3,0
Professional Practice of FA I 4,5 3,0
Senior Project and Portfolio Development I 6,0 4,0
Aesthetic 4,5 3,0
Italian Language C1 4,5 3,0
Total 30 20


Minor 1 : Professional Practice

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Philosophy of the Art 4,5 3,0
Artist's Book 3,0 2,0
Contemporary Artist Practice 4,5 3,0
Professional Practice of FA II 3,0 2,0
Senior Project and Portfolio Development II 3,0 2,0
Italian Language C2 4,5 3,0
Capstone Experience - Major Project 7,5 5,0
Total 30 20


Minor 2: Education

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Psychology of Art 3,0 2,0
Senior Project and Portfolio Development II 3,0 2,0
Art Pedagogy 3,0 2,0
Art Theraphy 4,5 3,0
Educational Psychology and Exceptional Learners 4,5 3,0
Italian Language C2 4,5 3,0
Capstone Experience - Major Project 7,5 5,0
Total 30 20



The online AEF Certificate Programs Course Curriculum indicates an ideal study plan. The definitive course plan is indicated by the professors, and agreed upon at the beginning of each semester based on the student's individual progress and objectives.

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