Scuola Internazionale delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura Italiana

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Semester Tuition: 5.450,00 euro
Enrollment Fee: 300,00 euro
Application and Audition Fees: 200,00 euro
Late enrollment Fee: 300,00 euro
Housing: 3625,00 euro

Deadline for Enrollment and Deposit for Tuition & Fees:
Spring - October 31st.
Fall - May 15th.

Deadline to request housing:
Spring - November 15th.
Fall - June 15th.

Deadline for Balance on Tuition & Fees:
Spring - December 20th.
Fall: July 20th.


Arrival Date: August 23rd

Starting course date: August 26th
Ending course Date: December 5th

Departure Date: December 6th

Fall Break: October 21st –October 25th
Holidays: November 1st All Saints' Day

Deadline for Enrollment and Deposit for Tuition & Fees:
May 15th

Deadline to request housing:
June 15th

Deadline for Balance on Tuition & Fees:
July 20th

Arrival Date: January 31st

Starting course date: February 3rd
Ending course Date: May 14th

Departure Date: May 15th

Spring Break: March 30th - April 3rd
Holidays: April 13th Easter Monday

Deadline for Enrollment and Deposit for Tuition & Fees:
October 31st

Deadline to request housing:
November 15th

Deadline for Balance on Tuition & Fees:
December 20th

The Accademia Europea di Firenze is an International School of Italian Arts and Culture.
Founded in 2005 as a school of Italian for foreigners, over time it has expanded its offer to Italian art and culture, music and dance.
The AEF also offers three-year Certificate Programs in Voice & Opera, Drawing & Painting and Dance, a Semester Certificate Program for Italian as a Second Language (CILS), Study Abroad Programs in collaboration with prestigious American Universities, Summer and Winter Programs and Joint Academic Programs developed with university institutions all over the world.
The experiential approach and the quality of the professors make this school, strongly rooted in Italian history and culture but endowed with European academic standards, an international environment in the city of the Renaissance and of widespread beauty.

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