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Brunella BaldiBrunella Baldi begins the study of dance in Florence. Later on, she moves to France, and graduates in Paris, at the Centre International de la Danse and the Fédération Française de Danse, where she studied with numerous French choreographers of "Nouvelle Danse" (J. Gaudin, Dizien B., C. Bastin, Gallotta etc.) as well as with Americans (Aaron Osborne, Risa Steimberg, Douglas Dunn). The most significant meeting in her formation and career as a choreographer is with Dorothy Madden. She begins working as a choreographer in 1985, and since her return to Italy she has dedicated herself to the teaching of contemporary dance. She founded the group BALDANZA. In 2008, she began working as an illustrator and in 2015 opened the space-gallery-workshop called Cartavetra.

Lisa BaldiWith a Degree in Literature and Philosophy from the Università di Firenze, Lisa began her artistic training as a gymnast, and then devoted herself completely to dance. She studied with the most important instructors and choreographers of the national scene and has participated in Italian and European productions. Up until 2013 she was part of the "Maktub Noir - Dancer Company", and since 2015 she has been teaching at the Florence Dance Center.

Arianna BenedettiShe began studying dance in 1965, and completed her technical and artistic training with leading international teachers. She has won numerous prizes and has extensive experience on both a professional and teaching level in addition to carrying out an intensive activity as a choreographer.

gabriella secchiGabriella can boast a solid background and extensive experience as a teacher, but through teaching she started off on her own research journey, focusing on physical energy, in which dance becomes a risk, instinct, speed and expressiveness.

AngeloEgareseAngelo began his career as a choreographer in 2011, and since then has created and danced in major performances all over Italy and Europe. Since 2012 he has been collaborating on a permanent level with Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone.

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