The experience of Emma, ​​a student of the AEF Drawing and Painting Certificate Program


It was always my dream to go beyond the tropical realms that surrounded me since I was born , a paradise we call Mauritius. I yearned for a place where art was appreciated and celebrated. Driven by curiosity and a search for an enriching quest… lead me to Italy, specifically Florence, the city that's known for its outstanding art, music, food and warm smiles and that houses incredible masterpieces of famous artists like Michelangelo. Inspired by a new country, a heart-warming city and my multicultural background, I started learning about myself. AEF became my family during the 3 years that I have been attending the Drawing & Painting Certificate Program. I started discovering the new aspects of life that would completely shape the start of my artistic career..

I became an artist with no limits and fearless to express my emotions through my artworks. The three years that I've spent at AEF mark my development as an artist and as a person. The several in-depth lessons with the highly skilled teachers at AEF completely expanded my knowledge of art, ranging from the different painting techniques to a deep dive into the world of the Renaissance Art. The satisfaction of just being able to make a basic sentence in Italian to a full exchange of ideas entirely in Italian is rewarding.

Having found and celebrated my calling as an artist, and being surrounded and adopted into the arms of AEF, helped me realize that being an artist nowadays doesn't mean to only create beautiful art that ends up in a gallery: it’s the artist that conveys a message of veiled beauties of the world. Being also an influencer to many people who love listening to my adventures on various social media platforms, opens a whole new type of reach to my visibility.

The research in how to promote myself in various social media platforms, and a semester at AEF filled with useful advice, helped me and continues to help me to become the artist I want to be in the future, open for new opportunities, collaborations and ready to conquer the world. To follow my adventure: Instagram @emraa.b