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4 Scholarships of €2000 (Study Abroad Program students) / €1400 (AEF Certificate Program students) each for the AEF Dance Program "Maria Taglioni"

Spring 2020

Maria Taglioni is considered the greatest dancer of the nineteenth century, and the personification of the Romantic movement. She was the first to understand the innovative scope of the pointework technique, transforming it from a purely virtuoso technique to a substantially expressive aspect, and thus placing it at the basis of the romantic dance style. We also owe the tutu costume to her.

We offer this scholarship to a deserving AEF student who exhibits:
❚ Passion about pursuing a career in Dance Performance and or Management;
❚ An understanding of the work it takes to succeed in the international performing arts world;
❚ A strong personal essay, and recommendation from a professor or academic advisor.

Application info and deadlines

Spring 2020

Application process and deadlines:
❚ Applicants must write to Victoria Padron to receive the Audition / Scholarship form for the Dance, Drawing&Painting, Voice&Opera Scholarships, and the Application form for the Italian Language and Culture Scholarship.
❚ Complete applications (forms, letters, materials) must be sent via WeTransfer to: Victoria Padron and Antonio Vanni by August 31st.
Subject line of the file transfer should include full name, home university and the program the student is enrolling for.
❚ Notice of admission will be communicated by September 15th.

Application materials:
- Letter of intent
- Curriculum or resume
- Audition/Scholarship form (if requested)
- Reference letter(s) (max 3)

Discipline specific materials:

Level A1 Completion at the moment of departure.

Two short videos (3/5 minutes long) of ballet and contemporary dance that show technique and motivation in dance studies

One Italian Opera aria and one piece chosen from your repertoire

10 high-resolution professional pictures (5 drawings + 5 paintings in different techniques)

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