Obtaining Cils Certificates

Obtaining Cils Certificates

AEF is an official testing center for CILS certification exam in Florence, authorized by the University for Foreigners of Siena - International University.
CILS certification system covers all six levels of linguistic and communicative competence indicated in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
University for Foreigners of Siena decides the exam dates upon verification of CILS exam centers certifications and their authorizations.
CILS exams at AEF are held in Palazzo Niccolini, via Cavour 37, Florence. AEF will produce and transmit all documents, including enrollment, notices, notification of result, and will send the original copy of CILS certificate upon successful completion of the exam.

Enrollment and Payment for CILS exam:

Students must enroll and pay for the exam 40 days prior to the exam date. Late payments will not be accepted by AEF or University for Foreigners of Siena.

Due to Covid-19 emergency, CILS exams will resume in 2021.
New dates will be available soon.

CILS Exam Preparation Course at AEF:

AEF developed a CILS Exam Preparation Course to help students obtain the official Italian Certificate as a Foreign Language (Certificato d'Italiano come Lingua Straniera - CILS). The main topics are: oral comprehension and conversation, written comprehension, composition and grammar.
Practice tests in preparation for the exam will have the same structure and length of the CILS exam.
Preparation Courses will be held 4 weeks prior to exams in June and December:
Preparation Courses for the exam in June will start the first week of May, for 4 weeks;
Preparation Courses for the exam in December will start the first week of November, for 4 weeks;
Prices and lessons for the group Preparation Course for CILS Exam: €200 for 20 lessons of 45 minutes each (15 hours total) plus a €70 enrollment fee which includes teaching materials.