Scuola Internazionale delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura Italiana

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aef students abroad housing in florence


Welcome to Florence! AEF offers shared-apartment housing (double/triple rooms) in the city center for all of our students. Each apartment will have heat, a washing machine, an equipped kitchen, a dining area, a living room area, bedrooms, and at least one bathroom per 4 students. We believe apartment living is the most effective way to take advantage of your experience abroad, by living and fully immersing yourselves in the Italian lifestyle. You will be living amongst the locals, shopping and preparing local dishes in your kitchen and becoming part of the community.


AEF students can also ask for a Meal Plan in Vouchers of €100 Value, for 15 weeks, divided into twenty €5 units, distributed weekly. Vouchers will be able to be used within a circuit of restaurants, cafés, and grocery shops. They do not have to be used all in one week; they are valid until the students’ departure, so that they can budget their expenses and use them at a later time, if needed.

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