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AEF offers Semesters and Three-Year Programs in the Performing Arts: Dance, Drawing & Painting, Voice & Opera, designed for students and professionals wishing to acquire specialized formative training for their future careers, Short-Term Certificate Programs in fields related to the Italian culture and identity and Semesters for the CILS Exam preparation.

SEMESTER AND THREE-YEAR Certificate Programs

The AEF Certificate Programs in Dance, Drawing & Painting, and Voice & Opera are structured in Semester and Three-Year programs, designed for students and professionals wishing to acquire specialized formative training for their future careers as XXI century painters, musicians, dancers, singers in a real community of artists.
Academic Course Offering
In addition to the courses, our students share ensembles, concerts, dance performances, exhibitions and are regularly involved in productions and collaborations with the most prestigious cultural institutions of the city: performances are a fundamental part of the training and an opportunity to measure the progress achieved in a professional international environment. The structure of the AEF Certificate Programs satisfies both European and US academic standards: 15-week semesters, syllabi, credits, faculty, transcripts and diplomas, as indicated in our Student Handbook. The Certified Programs are triennial and structured in 3 levels (Foundation, Advancement, Completion), each of which is divided into 2 semesters (Fall and Spring) for a maximum of 30 ECTS/ 20 US credits each. At the end of each semester and of each level, students receive an AEF Diploma. All courses of Dance, Drawing&Painting and Voice&Opera Certificate Programs are taught in English.

Enrollment in a Certificate Program in 4 simple steps

Application form: Audition and Scholarship Form

Each student sends the AEF Audition and Scholarship Form, which they have previously received via email. Along with this form, the student must also send the following documents:
- Letter of motivation and intent
- Curriculum (CV)
- Audition Video or Photo
- Letters of recommendation (from 1 to 3)
At this point, the Application process is complete: the AEF Academic Committee examines the materials and documents, and communicates response of admission within 15 days.

Admission Letter and Receipt of Scholarship from AEF

The AEF Academic Committee will notify the student regarding their admission and eventual receipt of scholarship with a letter signed by the Academic Director.

Formal Enrollment and Proforma Invoice of Tuition Fees

After being admitted, the student will receive the Proforma Invoice of Fees due in order to complete enrollment, which will also specify the terms and conditions of the payment of Tuition Fees and a Student Declaration. The student will also receive a link to the Enrollment Form that must be completed, which includes the option of housing accommodations through AEF.

Confirmation letter/strong>

Once the payment, Enrollment Form and Student Declaration are received, the Registrar’s office will send the student a Confirmation Letter, including the Certificate of Enrollment and information about the accommodation if requested.

  • Deadline for student to apply with Audition and Scholarship Form, Spring: August 31st/ Fall: March 1st
  • Deadline for AEF to send Admission Letter and Receipt of Scholarship, Spring: September 15th /Fall: March 15th
  • Deadline for student to send the Enrollment form and payment of 50% Deposit for Tuition Fees, Spring: September 30th/Fall: March 31st
  • Deadline for AEF to send Confirmation Letter and accommodation info (if requested), Spring: October 15th/Fall: April 15th
  • Deadline for student to pay all Balances due for Tuition Fees and accommodation (if requested), Spring: November 30th/Fall: May 31st


1)By wire transfer, payable to: Accademia Europea di Firenze srl: Bank account number: 19426 Bank: Cassa Risparmio di Firenze, Piazza della Repubblica, 16 / R-50123 Florence (FI) BIC / SWIFT: CRFIIT3F | IBAN: IT31P 06160 02895 100000019426

2) ) By credit card (on our website)



Cancellations must be communicated in writing (by email or certified letter) at least 30 days before the beginning of the semester for a full refund of Tuition Fees. For cancellations received less than 30 days before the start of the semester, the deposit will NOT be refunded, but will remain valid for other AEF courses up to and no later than 12 months from the beginning of the semester.


  • AEF Audition / Scholarship Form
  • AEF Admission letter
  • Pro-forma Tuition Invoice (see Step 3)
  • Student Declaration (see Step 3)
  • Link to Enrollment Form see Step 3)
  • Confirmation letter + Housing (see Step 4)
  • Certificate of enrollment (see Step 4)

SHORT-TERM Certificate Programs

The AEF Short-Term Certificate Programs are intensive 3/4-Weeks Programs in fields related to the Italian culture and identity: Art, Architecture, Design, Fashion, Food, developed by the AEF Academic Office in collaboration with institutions from all over the world. They include classes, on-site classes, fieldtrips resolving into a deeply immersive learning experience. All classes are taught in English.

Upcoming: Certificate Program on Patrimony and Restoration
in collaboration with UNIFACS, Brazil, January, 21st to February 8th 2019


ITALIAN LANGUAGE + CILS Certificate Program

AEF is officially authorized by the University of Siena as an exam center for the CILS certificate in Italy and valid worldwide. The Certificate Program of Italian as a Second Language (CILS) is a Semester Program and is structured around the CILS exams date (June and December).

italian language certification cils florence italy

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