Scuola Internazionale delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura Italiana

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diploma cils in Florence

Official headquarters CILS in Florence

The AEF also organizes regular preparatory courses for those intending to sit for university certificate exams.
After a placement test to assess their level, the students will work on a series of exercises and tasks that will help them to become acquainted with the content of the certification exam. Aside from the linguistic part of the exam, the instructor will also provide tips and advice on how to best manage the timed sections of the exam, as well as understanding the mechanisms of the comprehension sections and recognizing the most effective language structures. Alongside the course, the student is free to benefit from the any of the afternoon activities put on by the school. These comprise of visits to museums and places of interest, film showings, walks through the city, rafting on the Arno and much more… The activities are considered to be an integral part of the educational program, and a teacher is always present. They are free of charge, aside from entrance tickets and possible transport costs. For further information, please consult the calendar.



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