How to get Maria Taglioni Dance Scholarship

Maria Taglioni Scholarship - Dance

  • Study Abroad Program students: 1 Scholarship of €4,000 and 2 Scholarships of €2,000 each for each Semester (Fall and Spring)
  • AEF Certificate Program students: 3 scholarships of €1,400 each for each Semester (Fall and Spring)
Maria Taglioni is considered the greatest dancer of the nineteenth century, and the personification of the Romantic movement. She was the first to understand the innovative impact of the pointe work technique, transforming it from a purely virtuoso technique into a true form of expression, and thus making it the main feature of the romantic dance style. We also owe the tutu costume to her.

AEF offers this scholarship to deserving candidates who:
  • Have a passion about pursuing a career in Dance Performance and/or Management
  • Show an understanding of the work it takes to succeed in the international performing arts world
  • Provide 2 reference letters from a professor or academic advisor AND academic transcripts