How to get Dante Alighieri scholarship Italian Language and Culture

Dante Alighieri Scholarship - Italian Language and Culture

  • Study Abroad Program students: 1 Scholarship of €4,000 and 2 Scholarships of €2,000 each for each Semester (Fall and Spring)
  • AEF Certificate Program students: 3 scholarships of €1,400 each for each Semester (Fall and Spring)

The Dante Alighieri Scholarship is dedicated to the Florentine poet, considered the father of Italian language.

AEF offers this scholarship to deserving candidates who:
  • Have a Major or a Minor in Italian Language and Culture (students in a 4-credits Italian Class without Major or Minor in Italian may also be considered)
  • Show an understanding of the importance of studying Italian in Italy
  • Provide 2 reference letters from a professor or academic advisor AND academic transcripts