Scuola Internazionale delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura Italiana

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Course Type: Lecture, rehearsals and performance
Instruction Language: English and Italian
Examination Method: Final Performance
Contact Hours: 42 h
Independent Study: 28 h
Recital/Capstone Project: 10 h
Total Work: 80 h
*106 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Meets one time per week; 3h. 2h of independent work in the atelier per week.
Florence Dance Center, Borgo della Stella 23R, Firenze


The Dance Ensemble course is based on the creation of a new dance by a guest choreographer that will be performed at the end of the semester in the final student performance. Classes will be presented as rehearsals in choreography with a previous abridged warm-up and ballet barre in order to insure proper physical preparedness. The students are required to attend every rehearsal as well as technical and dress rehearsals in order to insure the maximum experience from the Dance Ensemble course.

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