Scuola Internazionale delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura Italiana

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Course Type: Lab
Instruction Language: English
Examination Method: Painting
Contact Hours: 77h
Independent Study: 56 h
Special Project/ Activities: 10 h
Total Work: 143 h
*190 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Time: Meets two times per week; 2h45 each class
AEF building, via Cavour 37 – Firenze


This course teaches the fundamentals of painting. Lessons are both theoretical and workshops and are aimed to enrich students' perception, learn the language of images, create the artistic activity of a knowledge experience and self-knowledge, incorporate disciplines of drawing and painting as a basis for the exercise of their own creative expression, to encourage research and experimentation for the benefit of their projects.

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