Student Services

Before You Arrive

But even before you arrive, we are at your disposal to help you prepare your trip.

We are here for any questions you might have about accommodation, arrival, classes, packing and travel, daily essentials, etc.

We are also happy to schedule a pre-departure orientation session so that we can get to know you a little bit before you arrive in Florence.

We will pick you up at the Vespucci Airport or at the Santa Maria Novella train station upon request (additional charges may apply).

Upon Arrival

Welcome to Florence!

We will start our learning experience with an Orientation weekend, that includes the following:

  • Academics and Student Life session
  • Welcome lunch or dinner
  • Community building activity
  • Guided walking tour of the city including shopping, ATM machines, pharmacy, transportation options, etc.
  • Check in and Orientation in the apartments, including instructions on heating, appliances, trash, security, mail, emergency and maintenance procedures.
  • Orientation regarding security issues specific to Florence (emergency phone numbers, expectations in the community)
  • Introduction to the AEF staff and their roles
  • Assistance in securing the Dichiarazione di Presenza (Declaration of Presence) and any other necessary documentation (this service is outsourced at an extra cost for all the students)

During the Semester/Your Semester Experience

Health & Safety

AEF cares about its student community and offers a 24/7 emergency phone service. AEF’s Student Life Representative and Directors are trained, experienced and always available to help and support their students. We know that Study Abroad is only possible in a healthy and safe environment: that is why AEF adheres to high-quality International Risk Management standards, implementing Emergency Protocol Procedures compliant with Italian laws and those of AEF’s partners in the United States, with students’ safety and wellbeing at heart.

Please be advised that students’ personal belongings are not insured under AEF company policy, and therefore AEF can assume no responsibility for any claims for personal belongings. All students are responsible for obtaining their own personal health insurance and travel insurance.

Emergency Services

AEF will ensure the availability of a dedicated AEF staff member (24 hours a day) who is the point person for problems and concerns of the students and/or Faculty in Residence. During orientation, it will be explained what is considered an emergency and what is not, as the AEF staff member should only be called in case of a real emergency. Other concerns can be discussed with AEF during regular office hours.

Traveling Independently

Florence is located in the center of Italy: an ideal position to reach any other Italian city (Rome 1h 35’, Milan 1h 45’ by train) and all major European capitals.

We encourage our students to travel responsibly: walking or going by foot/bike instead of via taxi, taking trains or charter buses to international destinations as opposed to flights, and even choosing to stay in Florence a weekend every month can really reduce the carbon footprint of our program.


AEF will provide a transfer service to Florence airport or to the train station upon your departure from the program.