Accademia Europea di Firenze

Il luogo migliore per studiare la lingua, la cultura e l'arte italiana a Firenze

L’Accademia Europea di Firenze è una Scuola delle Arti, della Lingua e della Cultura italiana. Fondata nel 2005 come Scuola di italiano per stranieri, ha nel tempo ampliato la sua offerta all'arte e alla cultura italiana, alla musica e alla danza.
L’AEF offre anche Certificate Programs in Voice & Opera, Drawing & Painting e Dance, e un Certificate Program di Lingua e cultura italiana, Study Abroad Programs in collaborazione con prestigiose Università americane, Summer e Winter Programs e Joint Academic Programs realizzati con istituzioni universitarie di tutto il mondo. L’approccio esperienziale e la qualità dei docenti fanno di questa scuola, fortemente radicata nella storia e nella cultura italiana ma dotata di standard accademici europei, un ambiente internazionale nella città del Rinascimento e della bellezza diffusa.


Course Type: Lecture Class
Instruction Language: English
Examination Method: Mid-terms and final projects evaluation
Contact Hours: 49h
Independent Study: 42 h
Activies / Fieldtrips: 21,5 h
Total Work: 112,5 h
*150 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Time: Meets once a week – 3,5h
AEF building, via Cavour 37 – Firenze


Students learn the basic technique of digital photography while they tell the story of their study abroad experience. They will also study the history and literature of travel photography, understanding storytelling techniques and reflect on their experiences as study abroad students. Every student will keep a photoblog/journal and keep a Facebook/Instagram page.
In addition to photographs, this journal can consist of (but is not limited to) written entries, drawings, found imagery and other souvenirs. The journal will be graded on contents as well as artistic merit.
The first week of the course is dedicated to study the history and literature of travel photography together with the basic structures of storytelling. The second week will introduce basic photography technique also applied in a sample fieldtrip dedicated to landscape and architecture photography. Week 3 will introduce images elaboration basics, week 4 will be dedicated to introduce social networking and blogging. Week 5 will be dedicated to overview students work progress (midterm #1)
Weeks 6 and 7 will be again dedicated to photography technique (portrait, life-style and still life), postproduction and social networking. Week 8 is a general review of students work advancement (midterm #2).
After the break (week 9) the class work will be organized for 4 weeks (weeks 10 to 13) as an editorial lab where the students are supposed to organize the images taken during their weekend tours or during the week stay in Florence; the lab will consider images editing, blogging, creation of images galleries and slideshows, preparation of high quality images for printing.
Week 14 will be dedicated to the preparation of the final exhibition and presentation where the slideshows will be projected and blogs displayed. Week 15 lesson is the final exhibition and presentation day.

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