Accademia Europea di Firenze

O melhor lugar para estudar a língua, a arte e a cultura italiana em Florença

Accademia Europea di Firenze é uma Escola das Artes, da Língua e da Cultura Italiana.
Fundada em 2005 como escola de língua italiana para estrangeiros, com o tempo ampliou sua oferta e atualmente oferece cursos de arte, cultura italiana, música e dança.
Além de Certificate Programs em Voice & Opera, Drawing & Painting, Dance e um Certificate Program de Língua e Cultura Italiana, Study Abroad Programs em colaboração com importantes universidades americanas, Summer e Winter Programs e Programas de Internacionalização realizados com instituições universitárias de todo o mundo.
A experiência vivida na AEF e a qualidade dos professores fazem da escola, com raízes na história e na cultura italiana e qualificada com padrões acadêmicos europeus, um ambiente internacional na cidade da beleza e do Renascimento.


Course Type: Seminar and Lecture course
Instruction Language: English
Examination Method: Written Tests, Midterm, Final Exam, Final Paper and Presentation
Contact Hours: 49 h
Independent Study: 42 h
Activies / Fieldtrips : 21,5 h
Total Work: 112,5 h
*150 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Time:Meets once a week - 3,5 h
AEF building, via Cavour 37, Firenze


The course introduces the student to the world of Italian Cinema. In the first part, the class will be analysing Neorealism, a cinematic phenomenon that deeply influenced the ideological and aesthetic rules of film art. In the second part, we will concentrate on the films that mark the decline of Neorealism and the talent of ‘new’ auteurs such as Fellini and Antonioni. The last part of the course will be devoted to the cinema from 1970’s to the present in order to pay attention to the latest developments of the Italian industry. The course is a general analysis of post-war cinema and a parallel social history of this period using films as ‘decoded historical evidence’. Together with masterpieces such as Open city and The bicycle thief, the screenings will include films of the Italian directors of the ‘cinema d’autore’ such as The conformist, Life is Beautiful and the 2004 candidate for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, I am not scared. The class will also analyse the different aspects of Film making both in the Italian and the U.S. industry, where Tina Fallani - course instructor - worked for many years in the Editing Department on Films such as The dead poet society and The Godfather part 3. The Films in DVD format are dubbed in English or sub-titled.

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