Course Type: Lecture and Dance class
Instruction Language: English and Italian
Examination Method: Exam and Final Performance
Contact Hours: 63 h
Independent Study: 28 h
Recital/Capstone Project: 4 h
Total Work: 95 h
*126,5 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Meets three times per week; 1,5h each class
Florence Dance Center, Borgo della Stella 23R, Firenze


This course provides intensive instruction in ballet and, through technique classes at an intermediate/advanced level, a more complete development of technical skills and a more profound understanding of the aesthetic criteria for classical ballet. The originality of the class is based on a very accomplished career of the master-teacher, Marga Nativo, who as prima ballerina étoile, studied with the greatest teachers of our time. The class is designed to provide a strong technically based experience with an emphasis on style, musicality and performance quality, while specifically addressing elements of proper turn-out, extension, ballòn and intermediate/advanced pointe work, as well as general theory of ballet.