Course Type: Lecture Class Course
Instruction Language: Italian
Examination Method: Written Test / Oral Presentation
Contact Hours: 66 h
Independent Study: 36 h
Activies / Fieldtrips: 28 h
Total Work: 130 h
*176 AEF Academic Hours [ 1AEF Academic Hour = 45 minutes ]
Time: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs. 1,5 h
AEF building, via Cavour 37, Firenze


In the first part of the course students learn the basic Italian grammar structures and use them during in more complex phrases and sentences, either in the classroom or in selected locations. For this reason, the program also includes excursions and academic activities in places such as exhibitions and museums, historical buildings and locations of cultural interest. In the second part of the course students will study the function of verb tenses and their agreement. Classes are also focused on the deep analysis of grammar structures. The last part of the course is focused on a deeper study of the agreement of verb tenses, the subjunctive mood, the implicit forms, the impersonal form, and the passive voice. Classes are also focused on the accurate creation of oral and written texts.