WNS 307: Wine and Food Pairing for the Sommelier

Term: Spring/Fall


This course is designed and thought for students that want to learn the basic concept of winetasting and food pairing as part of the experience of participating in the life of a city, region or country through the knowledge and understanding of its cuisine and gastronomic characteristics. It is intended to teach students strategies through an applied approach to pairing wine and food according to different factors: aromas, flavors, textures, and components present in food and wine, as well as other complementing factors. The course focuses on the concept of taste, wine and food pairing history, pairing styles/approaches, regional pairings of the world, and pairing principles. Students will also get an introductory overview and understanding of wine: history and culture of wine, wine vocabulary, label reading, selecting, tasting and serving wine, viticulture, geography and climate, main wine regions of the world, grape varieties, wine styles, and the importance of tasting.