AEF Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027

Institutional growth is central to AEF’s strategic aspirational objectives and plans for the period 2022 – 2027.

Growth is not simply about an increase in student enrolment. AEF’s growth ambitions are as much about a commitment to increase our comprehension of AEF’s values – respect, community, sustainability – and how to competently deliver these values both inside and outside the classroom – a commitment to the totality of exceptional programming. AEF’s faculty and staff must grow in tandem with the learning aspirations AEF has for its students, alongside a planned increase in student enrolment.

Student enrolment and partner growth during 2022 – 2027 will be selective and in symmetry with AEF’s ability to support and deliver excellent academic content and exceptional out – of – classroom student experiences.

1. Partner Development & Student Enrolment
  • Student Enrolment: Increase study abroad US University enrolment by a minimum of 15% per year.
  • U.S. Partnerships: Increase new US university partnerships with contract agreements (semester programs) by a minimum of three universities.
  • Non-U.S. Partnerships: Increase non-US partners with contract agreements by a minimum of three universities.
  • Mexico Partnerships: Increase summer school student enrolment by a minimum of 15% per year and extend partnerships to include semester programs.
  • Certificate Programs: Increase certificate program enrolment by a minimum of 22% per year.
  • Italian Courses: Increase Italian language and culture courses enrolment by 25% per year.
  • Synchronised Human Resource Growth: Increase staff and faculty appointments in keeping with planned growth.
  • Elon University Collaboration: Deepen AEF’s partnership with Elon University to better deliver its institutional vision and mission as an Elon Center Abroad.