aef scholarships for international students in florence

Scholarship Opportunities

Accademia Europea di Firenze is proud to support potential students with financial support through scholarships.
The AEF Community Scholarships are awarded before the application deadline for our Spring, Summer, and Fall programs.

Apply now to secure funding.
As a recipient of the AEF Community Scholarship you are an integral part of our school. AEF Community Scholars exemplify our values of Respect, Community, and Sustainability. Scholars will participate in discussions and activities to promote these values as ambassadors to the rest of the student body and the world.

Award Amounts

  • Semester Programs (Fall, Spring) - €2000*
  • Summer Program - €1000*
*The AEF Community Scholarship is applied to your tuition and fees, reducing your cost for participating in an AEF program. The award is applicable only to the tuition and fees.

Scholarship Application Submission Deadlines

Scholarship Application Deadline
Award Notices
Program Application Deadline
March 1
March 15
April 1
September 1
September 15
September 30
March 1
March 15
April 1

The AEF Community Scholarships Application is open to all prospective students who are eligible to enroll in our semester and summer programs.
Students may not receive more than one scholarship in an academic year.
Disbursement of the scholarship funding is dependent upon participation in an AEF program.
Students may defer their scholarship award to any qualifying AEF program that starts within 12 months of the start date of the program they originally planned to attend.
For example, an awardee for a Spring semester can use the funding for the following Spring semester but not the subsequent Summer program.

A complete scholarship application includes the following:
  • Completed application form
  • Personal essay
  • Two letters of reference
  • Proof of financial need (optional)
  • Program specific items
  • Unofficial transcript

The application form contains detailed instructions for the essay, reference letters, and other items.
It is important to check those instructions before starting your essay or requesting letters of reference.
Awardees must be accepted into an AEF program and meet all course and program eligibility requirements before receiving the funding but not before submitting the scholarship application.

All application materials are submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Complete applications submitted before the deadline are reviewed collectively by the Scholarship Committee comprised of faculty and administrators.

Each application is scored against a rubric, or set of criteria, that match the instructions provided in the application form. For this reason, it is important to respond to the prompts for the personal essay and to provide instructions to your references.

Award Notices for Scholarships are issued two weeks after the scholarship submission deadline.