Summer Programs Abroad AEF Florence



Florence, June 19th – July 14th

AEF Summer Programs are 4-week intensive Liberal and Performing Arts Programs, for students who are ready to be inspired by a city so rich in art and culture.
AEF Summer Programs include Liberal Arts, Italian Art, Culture and Language courses, Opera, Classical Music, Jazz, Dance courses and Music Ensembles, each combining a cultural immersion in the City of the Renaissance and professional performing opportunities along with regular lectures and on-site classes, which will enhance the academic and personal experience of students.
Field trips and ensembles are an essential part of the curricular activities, as they are occasions for students to explore new locations, meet locals and interact with the community, and live a wonderful experience as international performers.

Course Offerings

Students may choose 1 or 2 of the following Course Options (from 3 U.S. up to 8 U.S. Credits). All Courses will be offered with a minimum of 5 students.

Each course consists of the following:
• 36 hours in class (9.00-11:00am/11:30-1:30pm or 2:00-4:00pm);
• 30 hours total (15 hours for each of the 2 classes) of curricular activities including visits (Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Opera del Duomo  Museum)   and 2 one-day field trips for all AEF Summer students; 
• 12 hours of ensemble/performances for Performing Arts Courses (Mon – Thurs, from 4:30pm to 6pm).
Textbook (if required), class materials, syllabus expenses, cooking classes, museum entrances, and activity fees all included.
Availability of specific musical instruments not included (i.e Vibraphone, Double bass, Sax, Violin).



1. Art History - 3/4 US credits
This course explores artwork produced in Italy from the 14th century until 17th century. It will focus on the relationship of the works of art to their cultural and historical importance in the time period of when they were produced. Emphasis will be placed on the function of the artwork as well as its relationship to the artworks patron, artist and/or location. In particular, this course will focus on four different spaces and audiences of patronage: the public piazza, the family chapel, the guilds and the domestic space. Our objective is to understand the goal - and thus ultimately its meaning - for each different patron (the city, a group, a religious leader, a family or a female) in relation to its space and its audience. Finally, because we are in Florence, when possible, the works of art will be studied through on-site observation and lectures.


Music students are required to audition for one of three ensembles offered in the Summer: Chamber Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Choir (Vocal Ensemble).

1. Contemporary Dance - 3/4 US credits
This course can be considered a true full immersion into the various expressive languages of contemporary dance. The method adopted is mainly the Limon-Cunningham technique; however, the European influence is also taken into account in developing this fascinating discipline. The course is held by three different teacher-choreographers and will cover the study of fundamental movements, the intensification of the basic techniques, and the acquisition of the language of contemporary dance through a personalized choreographic approach.