Italian Plus Art

italian and art courseIf you study, love or work with the arts, you can combine your passion with one of our Italian language courses: it will be the perfect occasion to take a deep dive into the Italian culture, traditionally rooted in beauty and in every form of art.

Italiano Plus Art is also perfect for you if you want to apply for an art academy or university in the future.

In the Italian language course (group or one-on-one), you will study the language structures in the first half of each class, and the communicative aspect in the second half, with two different native-speaking instructors.

Italian courses are availables for a minimum of 2 weeks, but the course typically is a 4-week long. This structure allows the achievement of a level according to the Common European Framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and provides a total of 80 lessons, divided into 40 conversation lessons and 40 grammar lessons. In case that the group is composed of less than 3 students, the conversation lessons remain unchanged but there are 24 grammar lessons that also guarantee the achievement of the expected level.

In addition to the Italian course, you may take 4 classes or 6 classes in your favorite artistic disciplines.

In the afternoon you can join our weekly cultural activities, so that you can get to know Florence better and feel an active member of the AEF community.

AEF staff will welcome you in Palazzo Niccolini to show you the school, and take you on a walking tour to discover the city of Florence. Your experience will be enhanced by many occasions in which you can learn more about different aspects of the Italian culture: a pizza night in a local pizzeria, lessons on art and Florentine museums, a masterclass about opera, an Italian wine tasting, a night at the Opera Theater or another venue in Florence, as well as Italian language activities. Every month, our courses will end with a final concert by the Music and Opera students and instructors.

Code Weeks Language Lessons Art Lessons Price

All prices are in Euros. Registration fee of 70,00 Euro (valid for 12 months).
1 lesson: 45 minutes.

Month Starting Date 2023 Ending Date 2023
01 Tuesday 3 January 27 January
02 30 January 24 February
03 27 February 24 March
04 3 April 28 April
05 Tuesday 2 May 26 May
06 29 May 23 June
07 3 July 28 July
08 31 July 25 August
09 28 August 22 September
10 25 September 20 October
11 30 October 24 November
12 27 November 22 December

School closing days

Day Event
02 January Break
06 January Epiphany
27 March - 31 March Spring Break
10 April Easter Monday
25 April Liberazione
01 May International Workers' Day
02 June Festa della Repubblica
26 - 30 June Summer Break
15 August Ferragosto
23 -27 October Fall Break
08 December Immaculate Conception
Month Starting Date 2024 Ending Date 2024
01  8 January 2 February
02 5 February 1 March
03 4 March 29 March
04 8 April 3 May
05 6 May 31 May
06 3 June 28 June
07 1 July 26 July
08 29 July 23 August
09 26 August 20 September
10 23 September 18 October
11 28 October 22 November
12 25 November 20 December

School closing days

1 April Easter Monday
2 April - 5 April Spring Break
25 April Liberazione
01 May International Workers' Day
24 June San Giovanni
15 August Ferragosto
21 -25 October Fall Break
1 November All Saints Day
Piacere, AEF!
School and staff presentation tour
Florentine walk: let's discover Florence together
A pizza night with teachers and other AEF students!
"A tutto Italiano": in-depth linguistic and cultural activities
"A tutto Italiano": in-depth linguistic and cultural activities
Knowing Opera: introductory lesson with an AEF teacher
At the Opera: an evening to the theater with other students and AEF staff
End of course concert by AEF students and teachers
Arrivederci! End of course party
This is just an example of the Activities proposed by the School.
The activities will be offered with a minimum number of participants.