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Painting and Drawing AEF Florence Certificate Program

Drawing & Painting Certificate Program

Florence has been one of the world's art capitals since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The masterpieces of Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo are just a part of the incredible artistic heritage that the city offers and a source of continuous inspiration for artists and lovers of beauty.

The AEF Drawing and Painting Certificate Program is dedicated to those who want to pursue a career in the art world. It is divided into 2 semesters - Fall and Spring-. At the end of each semester, students receive an AEF Diploma.

Based on a solid formative training in theory, students are guided to express their ideas through painting and drawing. This experiential approach allows them to develop a personal artistic language, as well as to understand and place their work in the Italian and European pictorial tradition, past and present. Florence and the Renaissance are in fact the context in which students work and find inspiration to consolidate and further develop their artistic path. The professors are active painters on the Italian art scene and art theorists, and the courses are held in equipped and spacious studios. The painting exhibitions that are regularly organized at Palazzo Niccolini are an integral part of the program, for which students must create original works. Internships at prestigious Florentine art galleries are also possible.

Classes are taught in English.

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Italian Language 6 4
Drawing 6 4
Painting Techniques 6 4
Painting  6 4
Art History 6 4
Total 30 20

Course UnitECTSU.S.
Italian Language 6 4
Drawing II 6 4
Painting Techniques II 6 4
Painting II 6 4
Fine Arts Internship or Italian Culture Class* 6 4
Total 30 20

 *Class choosen from this selection:
Italian Language
Italian Cinema
Italian Politics
Travel Photography

The online AEF Certificate Programs Course Curriculum indicated online is an ideal study plan. The definitive course plan is indicated by the professors, and agreed upon at the beginning of each semester based on the student's individual progress and objectives.

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