Italian Language Courses

To know another language means having a second soul. (Charlemagne)

Language is the product of a complex cultural process, and the way of speaking of a people expresses much more than the simple words that make up the sentences. It tells us how that people think, how they interpret the world. For this reason, AEF Italian courses are a vehicle for understanding culture and lifestyle and they connect students to the context in which they live: Florence and its inhabitants.
Our method is purely experiential and includes lessons in class and lessons and visits to monuments and museums, typical shops, artisans, sports, cultural and linguistic exchanges with Italian students, meetings with Florentine families and much more. Our offer includes courses for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and AEF is also the exam center for the CILS Certificate, recognized by the Universit√† per Stranieri di Siena. The courses are structured in 4-week sessions; on the first day of the course, students take an entrance test to check their level and are placed in classes of up to 12 people. On the last day of the course, a final exam is held to allow access to the next level.