5 resolutions for the New Year

5 resolutions for the New Year

The New Year has just begun and it’s time to assess the past twelve months, reflecting on our successes and wishing to improve, during the course of the New Year, what did not go as we hoped. An exam to study for, an important interview, a trip that we have been dreaming of for some time: these are the best days to make a list of resolutions and goals to be reached. Moreover, for those who live or study in Florence, there are many opportunities that shouldn’t be missed in 2019. Let's discover them!

We already told you that 2019 will be the year of Leonardo, to celebrate the genius from Vinci five centuries after his death. The events in his honor that will take over Florence will be numerous and unmissable: through January 20 at the Uffizi, the autographed manuscript of the Leicester Code will be exhibited, in the exhibition "The water microscope of nature" by Paolo Galluzzi. The protagonist at Palazzo Strozzi, however, from March until May, will be Verrocchio, Leonardo's teacher, with a retrospective dedicated to him. Again, in spring, Palazzo Vecchio will host an innovative selection of the Atlantic Codex tables. Finally, during the second part of the year, the City has scheduled another exhibition, dedicated this time, to botanical studies.

Staying on the theme of exhibitions not to be missed, we suggest you don’t miss out on seeing "The cleaner", a peculiar exhibition dedicated to the controversial Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, at Palazzo Strozzi until January 20.

Another goal for 2019 could be to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, easily reachable by train, right from Florence: take a walk from the Fori Imperiali to the Colosseum in Rome, enjoy a gondola tour in the charming canals of Venice, discover the beauties of Naples and Turin, or visit the basilicas of Ravenna./p>

Finally, among the new year’s resolutions, maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be skipped, for example by taking long walks in our Florence, included among the "top walkable cities" of Europe: from San Lorenzo to the Duomo, up to Ponte Vecchio passing from Piazza della Signoria, our city offers numerous routes immersed in art and beauty for those who like to get around on foot.

What about you? What are your resolutions for 2019?