Florence: History and Curiosity

Tuscany day 2020

November 30 is a special date for the history of Tuscany, but we have to step back in time until November 30, 1786 to understand why. That was the day when Tuscany adopted a new penal code, and became the first State in the world to abolish death penalty.

Contemporary Renaissance: Marina Abramovič Florence

Florence is an international capital of culture and art. Located in the heart of Italy, its streets, its villages and its riverbanks, contain works of extraordinary beauty. Yet, the Tuscan capital is not just a city of art, but also a true creativity workshop, open to modernity.

The Codex Leicester Leonardo da VinciThere are thousands of great personalities of the art and science world who were born, who lived, or were inspired by Florence. Among the most brilliant minds in the entire history of mankind, however, there is one that more than any other, has excelled in his genius in all fields of knowledge: it is Leonardo Da Vinci, who will be honored in 2019, five hundred years after his death.

The streets of Florence stories anecdotesWalking through Florence means falling in love with its narrow streets, its picturesque neighborhoods full of history, and the city center streets immersed in timeless masterpieces. We have already told you how easy it is to get around on foot in the city, but have you ever noticed the bizarre names of some streets or squares? Well, many of these hold true curiosities or incredible stories!

walkable city florenceLiving in Florence means being immersed in beauty every day. From the church facades to the alleys steeped in history, from the poetic riverbanks to the most hidden corners, this city is a veritable open-air museum. And the best part is that, it is entirely accessible on foot!