AEF and IAU Partnership: A New Chapter in Higher Education

AEF and IAU Partnership: A New Chapter in Higher Education


Accademia Europea Di Firenze (AEF) and The American College of the Mediterranean and its Study Abroad Institute (IAU) are two reputable institutions that have dedicated decades to international higher education. Recently, AEF and IAU established a partnership that will allow them to offer high quality academic programs for an even greater diverse student population in Florence.

According to AEF President Gustavo Gesteira, "We are excited to partner IAU and to provide their students with community-based learning opportunities in Florence, and Italy more widely, that are culturally immersive. AEF’s values of respect, community, and sustainability are woven into the fabric of its curriculum and programming, both inside and outside the classroom. We are excited that our partnership with IAU will promote and expand our values to a larger number of students."

Similarly, President Carl Jubran of IAU expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that "AEF's mission and vision as an Accademia with a long history and tradition focused on Italian language and culture and its dedication to social justice and access for international students from several continents" were key reasons for the collaboration. He also noted the significance of Florence as "The Jewel of the Renaissance," and how it will serve as an inspiration for intellectual curiosity, creativity, and innovation for the students of both institutions.

This partnership between AEF and IAU reflects the commitment of both institutions to providing students with a fulfilling international education experience. The collaboration will facilitate student access to the wealth of Italian culture, to learn from renowned educators, and to develop the intellectual and career ready skills necessary to navigate the challenges of the modern world.

As higher education continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of students and society, partnerships like this will become increasingly important. By combining resources and expertise, AEF and IAU will create fresh opportunities for students and faculty and build exceptional academic outcomes through community based and experiential education.