Love in Firenze!

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During Fall 2019, students in Elon University’s Integrative Core Capstone have had the opportunity to study the topic of Love through the art in the Uffizi Gallery, the writings of Dante and Petrarch, a performance of La Traviata, and field observations throughout the city.

The semester concluded with presentations of multidisciplinary work on religious love, romantic love, familial love, obsessive love, the science of love, and many other aspects of love of individual interest to each student. What better place to undertake such a study than Firenze, a city where everything from locks on the Ponte Vecchio to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus surrounds us with images of love? Janet Warman Elon Visiting Faculty AEF Fall Semester 2019.

The final projects were presented at Teatro del Sale on Thursday, December 5: it was a pleasant opportunity of sharing knowledge, experiences and good food together with the students and the AEF Faculty.
Special thanks to Dr. Janet Warman, who wonderfully lead the group in this Italian Love and Lifestyle experience and to the students who enthusiastically immersed into our culture:

Claire Hatcher “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet” Piano Performance, Familial Love

Meghan O’Connell “Familial Love in Nontraditional Families” Photography, Familial Love

Julia Pedalino “Italian Familial Love of Dogs“ Photography, Familial Love

Bayley Weinstein “Furry Friends in Firenze” Photography, Love of Pets

Chloe Henderson “Unconditional Love” Photography, Familial Love

Samantha Briggs Photography, Love and Illness

Lizzy Murray “Fiorentina” Original Poem

Julie Levine Digital Art, Religious Love

Nicole Holland, Brielle Ricciardi, Kendall Rich and Hana Sedivy “Seasons of love” Original Choreography, Video That’s Amore!