Visiting Universities in Milan, Bologna, Padua, and Naples


L'Arte del Caffè in Italia

The Neapolitan Day

In the heart of winter, students from the Department of Education - Master in International Higher Education at Elon University, North Carolina, embarked on an extraordinary adventure to learn about the Italian university system. Their two-week journey took them first to Cattolica University in Milan, then to Alma Mater in Bologna, the University of Padua, and finally to Federico II University in Naples.

Accompanied by the Dean of Education Ann Bullock and Faculty Bill Burress, the twelve students had the opportunity to engage with a system different from their own and to experience an extraordinary educational journey. Today, we share with you their days in Naples, organized by the Accademia Europea di Firenze, together with the FOQUS Foundation and Federico II University.

The group was first welcomed at FOQUS, a stable partner of AEF in many educational and intercultural projects between Italy and the United States. In the heart of the Spanish Quarters, students had the opportunity to understand the scope of the urban regeneration project promoted by the Foundation and observe the educational project for children in kindergarten and primary school.

Guided by their tutors and teachers, students had the opportunity to actively participate in social projects and educational activities promoted by the FOQUS Foundation. Additionally, they were able to immerse themselves in the rich traditions, art, and history of Naples, away from tourist stereotypes, in an authentic and engaging experience.

On the second day, the entire group had the honor of being received by the Rector of Federico II, Prof. Matteo Lorito, who illustrated to them the uniqueness of the Neapolitan university since its foundation. The last stop took them to the San Giovanni a Teduccio Pole, a recently inaugurated cutting-edge site, where some of the most important international companies have invested to create their Academies. In particular, students had the opportunity to visit the Apple Academy.

During this experience, students expressed amazement at a university system so different from what they are accustomed to in the United States. They highlighted the inclusivity of the University, emphasizing how it is an integral part of the city and accessible to all, regardless of their economic conditions.

The visit to Naples and the experience in the Italian university system expanded the students' horizons, offering them a new and stimulating perspective on academic life and city living.

This extraordinary experience represented much more than a simple study trip; it provided students with a unique perspective on the complexity and richness of contemporary European culture. During their stay in Naples, students had the opportunity to establish deep ties with the local community, thus enriching their academic journey with a global and intercultural vision.

This collaboration between Elon University and the Accademia Europea di Firenze has not only strengthened ties between the United States and Naples but has also laid the groundwork for future educational projects and successful collaborations. We are grateful for this extraordinary opportunity and look forward to seeing what new adventures the future holds.