Why choose Study Abroad?

Why choose Study Abroad in florence italy

More competent professionals, more resilient and well integrated in a global network: this is who international students are. Deciding to tackle a study abroad course is an unparalleled educational experience, but there is more. Confronting the subjects we study in another language, with another culture and in another country is a once in lifetime opportunity for inner growth.

Among the Italian cities, one of the most requested destinations for the thousands of US students who reach the boot , each year is undoubtedly Florence, with almost 15,000 young people entering from the USA. The city of Dante, of Botticelli, of Brunelleschi - still today framed by the glorious dome that bears his name - is a hub of higher international academic education, with as many as 42 international schools throughout the city.

Cradle of culture and beauty for centuries, the charm of the Tuscan capital is irresistible for all students of language and art who, in this very city, immerse themselves in an extraordinary scenario, both stimulating and in constant ferment. Studying Italian in Florence, or dedicating oneself to the performing arts or to painting is a highly formative experience , because right here students have the opportunity to confront and "breathe" the literary, architectural, pictorial and musical works of some of the most minds geniuses of human history.

An enormous cultural and human heritage, in short. But that’s not all: from the best level of general education to the creation of a social network with friends and potential future colleagues, spread all over the world, studying at an international school, offers countless opportunities. Meeting and getting acquainted with other cultures, students like us who are facing our own path of studies but who come from a very different background from ours means having the opportunity to increase our potential and make us not only better professionals, but also more open, welcoming and assertive.