The AEF Logo


Our school logo, as you will know, represents the Dome of the Duomo Cathedral. Symbol of excellence of the city of Florence that dominates from its 116 meters of height, that of Brunelleschi is the largest masonry dome ever built and is located a few steps from our headquarters, the prestigious Palazzo Niccolini.

The most attentive observers will have noticed, however, that our logo not only represents the Dome, but is a much more complex representation that symbolizes the arts, sciences and great harmony that for centuries have made Florence one of the richest places in the world, in terms of its’ history and inspiration.

The Dome is inscribed in the square and in the circle of the Vitruvian Man, the famous pen and ink drawing on paper by the great Leonardo da Vinci, which shows the ideal proportions of the human body, a graphic summary of science, anatomy, mathematics and art.

But that’s not all! To reinforce the concept of perfect harmony, the elements of the AEF logo are positioned respecting the proportions of the golden section, a mathematical proportion which has become a classic image of beauty, capable of generating a sense of equilibrium in the observer.

The lettering, furthermore, made cleaner with the use of a simple font, helps to balance the relationship between the graphic elements, each in harmony with each other.

As evidenced by the logo that represents us, living and studying in Florence, a city so rich in history and beauty, means experiencing every day first hand, this sense of harmony and balance. Let yourself be inspired!