Creativity in Florence: Clet


Picture from La Repubblica Firenze

Living in Florence is to be constantly surrounded by art and beauty, but it would be reductive to think of the Tuscan capital as a simple treasure chest containing monuments, masterpieces and architecture of the past. It is true that Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and brings with it centuries of history and great traditions, but the creative ferment that gave it life has never weakened.

For example? Think of Clet! Walking through our city you will surely come across one of his many and irreverant works of urban art. Anacleto Abraham is a French artist, Florentine by adoption, whose specialty is the ironic reworking of road signs, which he reinterprets with simple applications of stickers.

But Clet is not just a street artist. His works are real ironic criticisms of the limits of our society: it is not unusual to find a parking ban turned into an imaginative handshake or the pictogram of a surveillance camera to take the shape of a vulture. Stylized men who break access bans, arrows that become electric guitars or flowery meadows: Clet is a revolutionary, armed with paper and adhesive plastic; his signs are always able to intrigue and elicit a smile in passers-by.

In Italy for more than twenty years, Abraham has found in Florence an ideal city and opened his atelier in San Niccolò, one of the most interesting neighborhoods of the Tuscan capital, a few steps from Ponte alle Grazie. And right on the bridge deck of this bridge, the Breton artist installed one of his sculptures in fiberglass, "the common man" - the typical stylized man by Clet - with a foot suspended over the Arno, while admiring the Ponte Vecchio : a perfect example of "public art" , accessible and enjoyable by all.

And it is precisely the contrast between the modernity and minimalism of Clet's representations and the great Florentine artistic tradition, that creates a vibrant creative short: a stimulating path along a lively and evolving context.

Whether you are fans of the classical style or a convinced innovator, making art in Florence is a privilege, and we suggest you don’t miss the opportunity!