Creativity in Florence: the new craftsmanship

mostra artigianato firenzeAmong the many peculiarities that distinguish it in the world, Florence is undoubtedly the capital of craftsmanship: in the city streets it is still possible today to admire the great tradition of the shops, handed down from master to master. Authentic pieces of art that catch the eye for their uniqueness and the skill with which they are made.

And it is right in the Tuscan capital, since 1931, that the excellence of the sector gather for the Mostra internazionale dell’artigianato, a monumental exhibition and the first certified fair in Italy dedicated to this production industry.

Just a few days ago, the 82nd edition came to a close, a moment able to create connections and synergies in a field that is mistakenly isolated to those niche jobs that have now disappeared. When in fact, artisan craftsmanship is a real artistic universe, attentive to the vanguard, to innovation and constantly evolving: think of the new materials used, development that goes hand in hand with the technological advancement of bio-plastics for example, that manage to combine functionality and sustainability, in a respectful environment. Or to the figure of the "maker", the young creator capable of merging the inventiveness of the master craftsman with new digital computer skills.

And precisely, the Florentine fabric, so full of history, is the fertile ground where innovation and secular traditions meet in a new production chain, attentive to design, but also to authenticity. A constant aesthetic research that stems from the harmony and the beauty of the city itself, able to inspire and stimulate creativity through new patterns and unexplored methods and, therefore, stimulating. The goldsmith's art becomes more and more technological; the ceramic works are developed with new materials that allow unprecedented manipulations, extraordinary achievements and 3d prints; the great tradition of leather becomes hi-tech with high performance raw materials.

Making art in Florence means coming face to face with beauty every day. Whether you are passionate about tradition or fascinated by new technologies, no place is more suitable to express your creativity. What are you waiting for?