The Excellencies Of Florence - The History Of Guccio Gucci

eccellenze guccio gucciThe Gucci company was founded in 1921, by Guccio Gucci in Florence. The founder, a born and bred Florentine, began his professional life as a young elevator-operator at the Savoy in London. This work experience allowed him to learn about English style, horses and riding, which later became fundamental points of the brand's heritage. It was then, in 1934, that the company introduced the bellhop brand with a suitcase and a travel bag.

Moreover, in the thirties many of Gucci's Italian customers were people of high-society who practiced horse racing, an element that drove the founder to develop his exclusive icons with the miniature of the horse bite and the green-red-green weft ribbon (derived from the traditional saddle girth).

In the forties, faced with the lack of materials, due to the autarchy that had been imposed on Italy during fascism, Gucci establishes itself as a synonym of exceptional creativity and initiative. It is in fact during these years, for example, that the famous "Bamboo" bag debuted, the first of many Gucci iconic products.
In 1955, Gucci opens the first store in the United States, in New York City on 58th street. From there, the American expansion of the brand begins and Gucci products quickly establish themselves for its’ exclusive design, winning the hearts of movie stars and jet-setters.

In 1960, Aldo Gucci, one of Guccio’s three sons, designs the symbol with the two overlapping "G’s", clear reference to the initials of the founder; this graphic sign, which at this point has not yet become the company's trademark, is repeated in different styles: fused in a circle, opposed, inverted and in an abstract form.

In 1992, the symbol of the double "G" will officially appear in the company logo, until then used only as a design on bags, shoes and belts. From 1998 on, all official communication will be entrusted only to the logotype composed of a lapidary graced character, very spaced; it is with this trademark that the company presents itself to the world as a distinctive expression of "made in Italy". In recent years, under the creative guidance of Alessandro Michele, the Gucci brand has regained enormous popularity, and not only for the production of iconic items that have made the history of Italian design and style in the world. Gucci is currently the brand that dictates the rules in the fashion world, combining history and Italian know-how traditions with a very powerful innovative energy.