Are You Studying In Florence? You Have To Try The Florentine Steak!

bistecca fiorentina

What is the best way to learn about Italian culture? Through food, of course! In Italy, every single city has its own culinary traditions, and Tuscany offers so many dishes that you will have to try. To start you off, we’ll tell you about the most famous dish that you will have the opportunity to taste if you come to study at AEF in Florence: the Florentine steak.

We owe the birth of this dish to the Medici family, who ruled Florence between the 15th and 17th century: during the traditional celebrations on August 10th in honor of San Lorenzo, the Medici used to offer the Florentine people quarters of beef that were roasted in the main squares of the city.

As legend would have it, the term "bistecca" was coined in the late 1500’s, during one of these celebrations. A group of English nobility, who were in town on business, would join the Florentine partygoers, while the famous slices of roasted beef were served. Won over by the deliciousness of the meat, the British would begin to shout enthusiastically among the people "Beefsteak! Beefsteak!”. The Florentines then immediately “Italianized” that word into "bi-stecca".

For the authentic "Florentine steak", the cut of meat is fundamental: it must be the loin and must include the bone, the tenderloin and the sirloin! The shape of the bone must represent the classic "T" shape and must weigh between 800 grams-1.2 kilos. The cooking, however, must be strictly rare... Do not dare to ask for it well-done!
And now... enjoy your meal!