Leave for a new journey: learn a language!

learning a language abroad

There's a wonderful trip waiting for us and it won't have to be postponed for any reason. This time, however, the program is a little different than usual. The destination is not a new country, but a new language! It may seem strange, but in reality there are many similarities between learning a language and travelling, let's discover them together.

Let's start with the motivations. At the basis of both activities there is certainly curiosity: the desire to always discover something new and to receive continuous stimuli that make us have fun and excite. The same can be said of the pleasure of coming into contact with others, meeting new people and experiencing ways of life different from those to which we are used to.

Certainly one of the main objectives of those who wish to learn, as well as those who love to travel, is to enrich their cultural background, because studying a language means immersing oneself in an incredible universe made up of history, art, traditions and everything that, in its broadest sense, the word “culture” includes.

And that's not all. Another thing they have in common is the desire to get involved and discover new things; getting out of the daily routine allows us to have experiences that make us grow by learning something new every day.

Studying a language is a window that opens onto a new world, offering us other points of view, different ways of reading the reality that surrounds us, to the point of changing the perspective from which we observe things.

The moment we decide to learn a new language, begins a beautiful journey that opens our minds and takes us far away. We can leave at any time, we don't need suitcases or passports, all we need is the desire to discover something new and grow every day.
And now with the new AEF Italian courses, also available online, you can really start this journey at any time.