Italian Language

dante alighieri and the italian language

"Si tuscanas examinemus loquelas non restat in dubio quin aliud sit vulgare quod querimus quam quod actingit populus Toscanorum". It is Dante, in his "De vulgari eloquentia" speaking, the father of the Italian language, reflecting on the illustrious vernacular as a linguistic model for Italian, stating, "if we examine the Tuscan dialects there is no doubt that the vulgar we seek is that to which the Tuscan people draw from”.

modi di dire dante

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance, the city of art, the homeland of Dante, the language of a true Italian, but did you know that the Florentine dialect has terms and figures of speech that are very different from Italian? Since our Accademia is based in this beautiful city, we decided to reveal these Florentine ways of speaking to you that will put you in direct contact and allow you to integrate even more with the culture and with all the people who live here.