History of Fashion

History of FashionThe course introduces students to the History of Fashion from ancient times up to today. Both theoretical and practical aspects will be studied, such as the influence of society and the history of the development of form, with an analysis of the elements making up a garment, and the changes in fashion over the centuries.
At the end of the course, the students will know how to:
• recognize the specific characteristics of each historic period;
• recognize the specific characteristics of the garments pertaining to each historic period;
• understand the rapport between fashion and society;
• recognize the changes in fashion over the centuries.
There will be lessons in the classroom as well as group sessions, projects, and visits to museums and other places of interest.

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All prices are in Euros. Registration fee of 70,00 Euro (valid for 12 months).
1 lesson: 45 minutes.

Once you purchase the package of lessons, course dates can be agreed upon.


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