Music History

Music History Course

The Music History Course offers an overview of the development of western music from the Middle Ages up until the nineteenth century in order to help understand its main trends, social function and relations with the other arts. In addition, the connection between classical and romantic music and jazz, dance and improvisation is also examined. The main vocal and instrumental operas will be studied in both a social and historical perspective.

The lessons will also be complemented with numerous musical, material and visual examples such as paintings, drawings, and sketches for the theatre, in order to insert the works within a general context and thus give a concrete form to the theoretical issues discussed in class.
This course also includes visits to places of interests and concerts.

Kate Bolton

Kate Bolton









All prices are in Euros. Registration fee of 70,00 Euro (valid for 12 months).
1 lesson: 45 minutes.

Once you purchase the package of lessons, course dates can be agreed upon.